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Gwen Deallus - LOCATION

Unaware of how or even when, whilst walking around the academy Gwen had become hopelessly lost. Perhaps it was simply that the academy looked so different at night, lacking the usual crowds of people. Gwen sighed and walked around a corner, and directly into a large solid object. Sprawled on the floor, Gwen glared up at the large, solid object which turned out to be a startled looking boy.
The boy had jet black hair and seemed to be around the same age as Gwen, although he was clearly taller than her, but that didn't say much. Gwen stood up, to her not-so-impressive size and rearranged her glasses.

"Damnit! Sorry, I uh.. Sorry." Gwen blurted out.

Gwen thought over her sentence and mentally cringed at it, thinking 'Smooth Gwen, real smooth.' she held out her hand as an offer of peace towards the boy. Amber peered out from behind her trainers legs at the boy in front of them.

"I'm Gwen, Gwen Deallus. I'm kind of new here actually, and a little lost I guess. Sorry about that by the way I uh.." She said as she extended her hand. Gwen hesitated mid-speech;

Realizing that she had apologized no fewer than three times during speaking she hesitated and then added finally, half grinning;

"Uh.. Sorry."

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