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Quote originally posted by LilJz1234:
I'm not really into sports games. Because when I want to play video games it's because I wanna be something that I normally wouldn't be in real life. Maybe that's because I like fantasy stuffs a lot.
This, this, and this. Sports games bore me to death. Not because of the intricate strategy and detail you have to make for your team to be successful, most sports games can be as deep as an RPG, but because its something I can do for real with my friends. Only games that really hook me would be football manager, now that's some good fun.

Quote originally posted by JNathan:
I am a video games geek. That's why I want to create them. Maybe I'll even be the next programmer for Pokemon
You're still sick? Maybe you should go to a doctor.
I so want to as well, but I hate coding, and I can't draw. I doubt studios are hiring people just for ideas, which I do have.

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