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Why would you ever want evasiveness as a proper stat...? How many times have you been battling an NPC who spams Double Team? Or trudged through D/P's foggy areas? It's not a very fun mechanic - especially if you're battling another person, since someone's gotta be on the receiving end of a redundant stream of "Your attack missed! Your attack missed! The opponent avoided the attack! Your attack missed!" Ultimately evasiveness either slows the game down by turning it into a repetitive stall war or it drastically tips the odds in one player's favor, making it a game of skewed luck rather than skill. There's a reason dodging isn't really a thing in the Pokemon games. They run on a turn-based battle system, and when attacks miss regularly in a turn-based system it starts to bog down and ruin the gameplay value. Giving some Pokemon better evasiveness than others would do little more than make those Pokemon insanely obnoxious to battle.

As for endurance, bulk is already achieved through a combination of HP, Defense, and Special Defense. Not to mention most bulky Pokemon tend to have means of improving their already impressive stalling capabilities, boosting stats and restoring HP and whatnot. Seems kinda pointless.

Really if both of these new stats were added it would make the entire game insanely sluggish and defense oriented. Think about it: stacking the two damage-dealing stats (Attack and Special Attack) against five damage-resisting stats (HP, Defense, Special Defense, Evasiveness, and Endurance). You mention Adrenaline as another possibility to boost attack stats, but I doubt it'd do much good against a fourfold defense stat structure - assuming your attacks hit at all when Evasiveness is a major factor! Ultimately you'd just have to invent new ofensive stats to balance against the defensive stats, and then you'd end up with the same stat balance - just more unnecessarily complicated.

I think the six stat system works pretty much perfectly. It's lightweight and comfortable, easy to understand for casual players while still allowing depth for competitive players. But I wouldn't mind seeing maybe a couple more "hidden" stats like evasiveness is now.
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