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Preferably as few from Hoenn as possible, maybe Ralts (which will get turned into a Gallade instead of Gardevoir), or stuff like Shroomish which is actually useful unlike 90% of the Hoenn Dex.

Actually, I have a perverse wish for lots of Hoenn Pokémon, since then there's a guarantee no remakes will be made! :D

More seriously, I think a bigger focus on 6th gen Pokémon would be better, so I could get to know them. If not that, then some Johto and Sinnoh Pokémon along with a few Unova ones, preferably the ones who get new evos. Houndour and Murkrow would be cool.
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Gamefreak, if you ever read this, I want to know why you troll Pidgeot. Talonflame has Gale Wings, Staraptor has good stats and Close Combat, Swellow has Guts, even freaking Fearow has Drill Run. And you troll Pidgeot with Big Pecks, Hurricane, and 10 measly base Speed points. Why, Gamefreak? Is the original bird not good enough for you?
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