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I have an interesting theory, and so far it hasn't been incorrect as of yet, and I'll go into more detail in a moment if I haven't ranted on about it too much.

Usually a Pokemon's coloring and/or design matches their typing. You take the obvious Dragon Pokemon, name any of them: Dragonite(by design and name, obviously), Hydreigon(design and name), Kingdra(name, and color), Druddigon(name and color). I could go on and on and on, but basically what I mean is that they based their types usually off the design of the Pokemon, and I really sincerely doubt that any type changes would occur to any existing Pokemon, lest their design has to change, which is heavily unlikely.

Now I know this theory might not be true for ALL Pokemon, but doing a bit of research on current existing types(such as Dark, Dragon, Normal, etc), means that GF might be following some sort of pattern here on creating Pokemon for a specific type. I think that it's pretty doubtful that they're going to break that pattern anytime soon, but who knows, really? I just don't think it'll happen.
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