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Skills: OW Spriting, Titlescreen/Textbox Hacking, a little bit of Mapping, Sprite Inserting, Trainer Sprite making, Userbars, Photoshop stuff, Tiling. (I can do basically anything except for scripting or ASM.)
Proof of Work:

Availability: Most days of the week, my timeline is UTC 8.00++ And I will be on for at least 1/2 hour a day.
Are you D.C.I.D.T.(Devoted, Consistent, Interested, Determined, a Team player): Wow did u get that from some motivational talk? LOL! I am Devoted to something important enough (this is important enough.) yea, Consistent on rare occasions, very Interested in helping to develop this hack, not VERY determined, but yes, I am determined and I will be loyal to a team that is loyal to me. I am a perfectionist

I am not all-knowing and am not the best. My superiors are ForeverDash and Anbuja's_Bloody. I have affiliates with famous hackers like >Dante</Steven, Red-Ex etc, if you need advise, feel free to ask me.