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Quote originally posted by TaichiWind:

I pretty much have top three songs, I guess I can break it down to these three, I din't think there's a need for a lifelong list.

==> 3. Heir Conditioning
==> This is a song I originally didn't like because of the trumpet segment. In fact, the first few times I quit listening at the trumpet segment. But I eventually made it past and oh boy is it badass. In fact, I've come to like the trumpet segments now.

==> 2. Knife's Edge
==> This is one of the songs that should be definitely used in a flash. In fact, there have been comments on YouTube that when Hussie tried to make a flash to this, his computer exploded out of sheer badassery. And I think that isn't far from truth, especially if said flash featured Dirk.

==> 1. Noirscape
==> Despite the name and cover art (and partially opening segment), I don't think this song really has anything to do with Jack Noir, much less film noir. This is yet another song that should be used in a flash and sadly enough it isn't. This song conveys a lot of emotions, just like Cascade, but unlike Cascade, it has the niche of sounding like a coherent music track, not just five songs mashed together.


Transcript: Exposition, exposition, rush it out ASAP!

EDIT@Pelippers: The beginning of A Taste For Adventure is actually used in the halfway-past segment of Jane: Enter (that part where it's revealed that "timey wimey shenanigan victims roxy and dirk are from the future" (as stated by my friend I will not name)), so it WAS used in a flash, but not the complete track, which is probably what you meant, but I digress.
That list of yours made me start listening to the STRIFE! album again. It's really good, especially Heir Conditioning ^^

Yes, I remember that now. But that was really only a tiny tiny intro part of it :3 Also, don't spoil stuff for gunnerpow!

Quote originally posted by gunnerpow7:
... So I've reached the part in Act 5 where you can look at scraps of Doc Scratch at his abode and I'm sensing the Scratch will be happening soon...

Anyways, a lot has passed for me, with Gamzee going cray-cray, Rose going grimdark, and a lot of time travelling and killing...

Oh and while I was playing Equius: Seek the highbl00d, It is creeping the hell out of me... especially when Nepeta walks into the vents... It's soo thriling and shivering... :/

oh and Seer: Descend. That one is also good...

I can't believe Vriska died of a just death... :( She was one of my fave trolls... ;;
Act 5<3 Be sure to read all the scraps! Especially the ones with Vriska and John and Davesprite and Jadesprite.
OH! And remember to look at the banner. The MSPA-site banner on top of the very homepage. It changes with every page, to show how Dave and Jade ran into Jack when they were breeding frogs. I completely missed that on my first read-through and didn't at all understand why Dave had lost one of his lives all of a sudden when Karkat mentioned it.

Quote originally posted by Drew:
Good thing about deaths in Homestuck is that the characters don't really entirely leave the story when they die. xD

I remember those creepy Gamzee flashes though, with Nepeta, and the horn honking in the distance. Wow I totally creeped out, and I didn't wanna turn corners. > _>;
Yeah that's true :3 Vriska's army of dead doom lol

Gamzee only really killed two of the trolls right? And Vriska only really killed one. The real mean killer is Eridan :( never liked him a lot. His dancestor is better ^^ /creeping into spoilers nao but I'm careful! :3

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