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Got some more updates! :) Not much though, hoping I'll be able to get some sort of release out soonish now, as I'm nearing completion of all the areas in the first alpha!

Quote originally posted by NarutoActor:
Wow very nice fakemon, very nice maps, and great choice of tiles. I especially like how you did the ledge jumps in one of the routes. Good luck on this awesome hack. :D

Side Note: I agree with what manipulation and gira said, the letter on the PC to the right are backwards, which looks odd, and the tiles of the roof don't match up (If you know what I mean)
Quote originally posted by Al3X:
I love the fakemon in the first post. I hope you haven't given up on this since there hasn't been any posts in a while.
Quote originally posted by AmazingCharizard:
The tiles and even the Fakemon(I usually hate them) look great. How´s progress going btw? Hope that you didn´t quit.
Thanks! Glad you like my hack! :D

Quote originally posted by Spherical Ice:
Awesome stuff dude. Glad you used the forest map, I hope it's good enough. Super hyped to play this :3
Why would I want to waste it? :P

Quote originally posted by AmazingCharizard:
I really like your graphics, all in all I´m excited to play this. I don´t want to ask for an ETA but I would like to know if you´ll release first some Alphas/Betas or already the full game when it´s done. Btw, your Fakemon don´t look bad(I usually hate them so this is meant to be a compliment).
No ETA at the moment, at least not until I get some responses to the question I posted above. And If you like my fakemon, would you mind me asking if you prefer the new or old sprites for them?

Quote originally posted by Dragenrder:
Those are some of the best Fakemon i've seen...

Wow, how long it take you to do all of those?
Thanks. :) And you mean how long did it take me to do the fakemon? Or the whole hack?

Also a few updated fakemon sprites :)

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