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machomuu // Fel

When you walk with the girl through the darkness towards the depths of the Dark Cave, you suddenly see an opening. It seems like it wasn't impossible at all in this game to reach the other side of the cave without HMs, if you really tried!

Route 45/46

Route 45 and 46 go between Blackthorn City in the north and route 29 in the south. However, the way north is too steep and mountainous for you to be able to cross safely at this point in MAO. You can, however, travel south and reach the first route through a gate building.

The landscape is very rocky and it feels like you are going sideways down from a mountain, which you pretty much are. The route is also very dry, the most desert-like route found in Johto. At the junction where route 46 begins, there is a Pokémon Center with hot springs for weary travelers. There are also relatively many stones and items glimmering at you from various odd places in the route, such as stuck in trees or high up on cliffs. However, you lack the necessary skills and professions at this point to be able to extract or retrieve these items.

Special quest givers:

There are quest givers, but your pokémon are not nearly strong enough at this point to be able to finish the quests without whiting out. As such, the quest givers won't even give you any quests in this area.

Wild pokémon:

Can be found but are too strong for you
to capture/defeat at this point:

Fishing in ponds/rivers with the
Angler Profession:
your S i l v e r Ally

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