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I honestly don't understand all the hype around Stunky, so many people seem to find him utterly adorable but to me he just seems to be some weird smelly foul creature with an unfortunate design and lacking in any kind of niche compared to the majority of other Poison types. The Dark typing giving a resistance to Psychic is a wonderful trait, but I don't see him having much use other than that - am I just missing something obvious? The main reason I love Poison types so much is due to their huge diversity compared to other types with designs, concepts and just general usage, but Stunky just seems like a run-of-the-mill Pokémon to me, I'm yet to see anything special about it! If anyone wants to show me otherwise I'd be very grateful :D

Also welcome, Google! Lovely to have you here. What got you interested in Poison types and what make you choose Venomoth as your partner? :D