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Originally Posted by SnowpointQuincy View Post
I BEAT HE GAME! The last boss is such a pain.

After trying over and over, luck was in my favor. Sumia with a brave Lance did 4 damage 3 times. Pavise activated every time she attacked. Chrom was her partner and attacked twice for 25 damage. He was left with 12 HP. Avatar Killed him with a forged arcwind. Forged for hit chance, because the boss is so hard to hit.
Congrats on beating the game.

As for beating the final boss the first time I had Ricken and Yarne rush up to land a few hits with a forged Arcwind and had my Avatar take over and land the final hit in my first play through.

@Ghosteon, "The Golden Gaffe" DLC map is more for gold purposes than training your team which is EXPonential Growth's job.

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