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Quote originally posted by darknessrules:
i know this is wrong thread but destinedjagold can i send ruby destiny save file
I have told u this before but still the same after months of playing
I really liked it a lot but after u have to do training section 1 again,i keep going to the land of the dead and when devihel resseructs me i go back to the land of the dead and this goes on forever
by the way i play this game on my android galaxy y using gameboid emu

This thread is for Life of Guardians only though.
So if you have problems with the previous RD games, leave me a PM or a VM.
Don't post it here.

Quote originally posted by Damned:
So yeah, I just did the Light catching Ralts script, and just like the first post mentioned, my level 13 Charmander fainted the Ralts with two scratches. Is this going to cause any problems in my game later on?

It won't change the game. Don't worry about it.

Quote originally posted by Damned:
Where can I find Seviper and Croagunk and how far would it be in the game?

If you have seen them, then you can look up their locations with your PokeDex.
I forgot of their whereabouts though... Soz... :\


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