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Originally Posted by Jake♫ View Post
That is so ridiculously overpowered that it's definitely never going to happen. If something like this learned Hone Claws, it's OHKO moves would hit 100% of the time. The design is a nice enough concept, but that kind of ability with that speed stat is not going to happen. If you threw a Choice Scarf on it it would be unbeatable outside of extremely lucky misses and if something got the chance to either hit it with a Choice Banded Earthquake or got lucky twice in a row and got an opportunity to set up and get an attack off.

Maybe if that buff was more like a 20% bump up to 50% (which I still don't see happening), with it's HP and Defense stat's it could easily set up a Hone Claws (which it would obviously have with your description) which would just be silly.
FYI the OHKO moves have a fixed accuracy, so the accuracy can't be boosted with hone claws, it's ability changes the fixed accuracy to 70% to make up for its stupidly low attack (I wrote 80% by accident, 80% is TOO DAMN HIGH!). Although I do agree that it's defenses are too high, perhaps change the hp to 80, def to 75, and special def to 70.
Those defenses should make it fair because any ground move would definitely cripple it (if not faint it), and besides we all know how annoyingly inaccurate those 70% moves such as blizzard and thunder are now don't we? 70%? Pfft, more like 50%.
With all honesty, I don't believe its speed stat should be changed one bit, I believe it is fine the way it is. He is a speedy killer, but is screwed if he misses. That doesn't seem too overpowered if you ask me, since his pathetic attack stats restricts him to 70% accurate offensive moves which are still unreliable accuracy.
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