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Can I reserve Sneasel while I make my application?

Name: Steven Zazus

Age: 15

Appearance: Steven always wears the Team Rocket suit. Always. Even when sleeping. Steven doesn't have any other clothes. His nose has a crook in it from the attack from a Breloom as a child. His eyes are a deep blue, however, in the dark they change into a disturbing shade of purple. He has a long scar running up his right arm where a Spectile's Leaf Blade barely missed his arm. He is caucasian.

History: As a child Steven was very curious. He would always do things his parents told him not to do. His parents told him never to go into the woods. So he went into the woods. As he was walking around, he saw a mushroom. So he tried to pull it out of the bushes. However, he found it was a Breloom. The Breloom looked at him and screamed. He stared back at it. It landed a force palm to his face, and he fell backward, clutching his nose into a river. He yelled for help, but the current swept him downstream. His nose started to bleed, and he started to cry. Something came from underneath him, and he found himself hanging onto one of a Blastoise's tubes. The Blastoise shot water out of the tube, propelling him out of the river and into a tree. In the tree there was a Spectile which got its leafs ready for a leaf blade. Steven jumped out of the tree, but the Spectile sliced down his arm, and Steven fell to the ground with a mark on his arm.
Steven never found his way back home. One day he found a town, and inside of it Team Rocket was taking some Pokemon. A Team Rocket grunt with a glint in her eyes said, "Who are you? Where are your ma ma and pa pa?" Steven didn't answer. He stared to walk away, and when he reached the dark the Team Rocket Grunt gasped and lifted him into the air. She had seen his eyes turn purple. "Steven?" Steven's parents had left their town in sadness, and joined Team Rocket. From then on, Steven was a part of Team Rocket. Steven's parents had known Giovanni, and not known he was a part of Team Rocket until they switched over. So they were an influence when they did. His parents were used to being an influence, and when Giovanni resigned, they lost that control. So they signed Steven up without his consent. Steven however, has been scheming. He hates his position, and has thought up a plan of how to go out with a bang.

Personality: Steven hates grass types. His encounter with the Breloom and the Spectile were not good ones. He is also very formal, as he has so much anger, hatred, and sorrow inside, its serves as a mask. He also likes extreme tempatures, like cold and hot, as they both make grass wilt. He hates being one of the E8 and has been scheming since he got that position.

Starter Pokemon: Sneasel

Starter Name: Sonara

Starter Gender: Female

Starter Description: Sonara is somewhat insane. She hates cold, even though she is an ice type. Therefore she is afraid of using ice type moves. This annoys Steven, as he hates grass types, but Sonara won't use the moves that are super effective on them. Sonara however loves Steven, and doesn't want to hurt his feelings. So Sonara prefers to pretend to use ice type moves, while half using dark type moves, and not really ice type moves.
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