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Originally Posted by Iceangelwolf View Post
Hello and thanks for all the fantastic work you guys have been doing. It is extremely impressive.

There is one think I'd like to ask. If I've understood correctly, Maya or 3DS max is needed to convert .obj files into .nsbmd, as Spiky's map editor can't import .nsbmd files. Is that right? Also, are there absolutely no other options than Maya or 3DS max? I can't bear to, umm, obtain either one of those programs (don't want to be a pirate).

You guys totally rock, please keep on working. You make great things possible for us who can't do miracles with computers.
You use Maya/3DS Max to convert the model into what is known as a NITRO Intermediate Format, then you use g3dcvtr to convert them into NSBMD. You must have one of the two programs, but someday soon, someone may write a program that converts OBJ directly to NSBMD without need for the NITRO plugins. And SDSME can import NSBMD, it knows how to remove the textures and insert it as a proper map in the various DS games.

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