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I'm Rozen, and I use Photoshop in my spare time. I like to make icons, signatures, wallpapers, and just random things for the fun of it. I decided to open up a request shop out there, to see if anyone wants me to do stuff for them. I have been doing request threads like this sense 2009, however a lot of my previous work is either not good, or isn't around any more.

-Follow all the guidelines on the site
-If I don't get to your request, please be paitent with me
-I do this for fun, this is not a 'formal career'
-Help me out by making most of the application
-I do not watermark my stuff, but please do not claim it as your own.
-Requests that are very specific tend to be harder to do, try not to go into too much detail with the requests, but also try not to get the detail of what I need in the request

What do you want? - Icon/Sig/Etc
Dimensions? -
What do you want featured?
Images You'd Like Me to Use? -
Color(s)? -
Text? -

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