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Quote originally posted by hanabluebird:
I like how this is coming along so far, and I have to say, the blue jay styled pokemon in the screenshot grabbed my attention! O: Very beautiful. I'm curious about the new hero and heroine!
Thank you. I don't have a design yet for the heroine unfortunately, but I've already created some first draft sprites for the hero.

Quote originally posted by AmazingCharizard:
I really like your mapping. How many Fakemon do you plan to insert(I dont like Fakemon at all, sadly, but that Jazul looks great, kudos )I would like to know more: 4th/5th generation Pokemon(I hope you won´t), are these tiles yours(if not, where did you get them, they look beautiful to me).
Keep up the good work!
Thanks. I don't have an answer for how many, but I plan on making a Pokedex like how it was done in Ruby and Sapphire; it'll have about 150 Pokemon with mostly Fakemon. I'll be keeping the Pokemon that show up in nearly every game though, like Pikachu, Zubat, Geodude, etc. I've also debated on putting in 4th/5th generation Pokemon, and I definitely won't be putting in 5th generation (I've never even played Black or White), but I'm unsure whether I'll be putting in 4th generation ones.
And the railroad tiles are mine, but the tiles for images like Mt. Blackhead are just recolors of the original tiles for Fire Red.

Quote originally posted by classiccartoonsftw:
It's okay if you want Fakemon in this hack, but some of the first 386 original Pokemon shouldn't be replaced at all.
I agree with you fully.

Quote originally posted by DarkRisingGirl:
Love the blue jay, I'm actually interesting in seeing more of the fakemon. MT.Blackhead looks cool as well. Goodluck with everything!
Thank you. I actually have a decent amount of Fakemon made (although I've only inserted about 18), if you'd like to check some of them out please take a look at my pixel art thread.
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