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Originally Posted by flygonstorm View Post
Can new poeple still join?
Yeah, I guess! If you make a really good Sign-Up. Since you seem to be completely new, I don't know anything about your writing/RPing skills so you'll have to show me through the SU ;)

And, well, um. I got an urge to join with a main character of my own again. To try and relive some of the great feels from an older RP of mine, I hereby reintroduce the avatar called VIKING. With a completely different personality though. We already have a few shady/mean figures in this RP ;)

Real Name: Victor Svalking
Real Age: 18
Real Gender: Male

Personality: Victor is a nerd in many areas. Complete with the lanky, somewhat crouched shape and the glasses and careless haircut, he is your stereotype geek. Socially, he tries to be friendly and optimistic but ends up being a bit awkward, like blurting out things that don't really fit into the conversation or laughing at the wrong moments. Good sides to him are probably that he is very good with language and writing and loves to read and create stories. Roleplaying games are his favorite thing in the world. He can be a walking encyclopedia on irrelevant information, often regarding science, games or movies. He used to do really well in school but as he entered his last years in high school he became bored with the subjects and began concentrating on gaming and writing more, which of course made his grades fall a bit and his parents sad. Victor can't sing properly to save his life, but he loves to listen to music and he adores anyone who can sing well. He simply has really bad control over his voice. He has a network of friends online who he talks to daily rather than close real life friends. Fun detail is that whenever he is around girls, he becomes really awkward. Even more so than usual, that is.

History: Victor grew up in northern Sweden, where the sun never goes up during winters and never sets in the summertime. His town was a small one were everybody knew each other and where not much happened. The mother worked at the town's library and the father was an author, but in order to earn enough for a living, he also had to be a part time hunter and lumberjack. Victor got his own computer at an early age and has spent much time of his life in front of a screen. Much like his father and mother though, he enjoys writing and roleplaying more than action. And even though his parents had struggled to afford a computer for Victor early on, they hardly had enough money to buy lots of games for him to play. Thus, he learned to come up with stories on his own. Several of his online friends also bought MAO when it came out, and they planned on meeting up inside the game. Victor didn't have to think for long before he knew what kind of avatar he would like. Someone who was strong and cool and odd in a good way! At least those were his hopes.

Avatar Name: Viking
Avatar Age: 16
Avatar Gender: Male

Avatar Appearance: Starting from the top, Viking's long hair is snow white. It's kept in dreadlocks. Most of them are held back by a big, loose knot, but many stick out in front of and behind his ears, while some stick out from the knot. Over his forehead and under his hair knot, he also wears a dark green headband with a pin in the shape of a golden star on its side. His skin is an olive tanned color which looks a bit strange together with his pale hair and a pair of icy blue irises. His lips are thin but his mouth can become very wide when he smiles or is angry. Not a single freckle dot his smooth complexion. Two silvery dots in every ear, which means four piercings in total.

For clothing, Viking wears an icy blue canvas vest, decorated with small brown feathers on both of its chest pockets and brown animal fur on the shoulders. A long sleeved, white t-shirt can be seen underneath and his dark gray trousers are big and fluffy at the top with a lot of pockets, but narrow down and become slim around his ankles. He wears a black leather belt with specially constructed magnets on them for carrying up to 6 pokéballs at a time. When the belt senses a hand grabbing a pokéball, it will de-attach the ball until a ball is placed there again. Black boots are his footwear. The backpack that he receives in the beginning is a dark brown, leathery one which is also decorated with a few feathers, and on his hands he wears dark gray skin gloves.

Starter Pokémon: Charmander, female

Roleplay Sample:
The sound of wind blowing through trees reached his ears. The quiet buzzing of insects in a summer setting as well. Did regular bugs even exist in the pokémon world? Perhaps they wanted it to feel more authentic than in the Gameboy games. A feeling of sunlight hit his cheeks and his feet definitely stood firmly on the ground. Not sitting on a chair in front of a computer. No, he was absolutely somewhere else than where he was just some second ago. So sudden, but so real. He opened his eyes.

Yeah, it felt real alright. As he turned his head around, it was like actually turning your head around in real life. He bent down and touched the grass. It felt like... grass. How was that possible really? Rosa had never been great at technical stuff but she-

Wait. That felt so wrong to think. To think about school and about herself. Or himself. What was going on? He looked down onto his body and recognized every part of it. Slowly it became clear to him and he smiled. He was his avatar, of course. Or her avatar. Rosa's. His memories were Rosa's, but it felt strange to think about himself as a girl. He could clearly see and feel that he was a boy now. Or was he? A quick glance down into his pants told him the definite yes for an answer. He couldn't help giggling a little, thinking of how interesting it would be to go to the toilet with that thing instead of how Rosa had done it all her life.

Then he took a step forward and something appeared in the air in front of him. The screen startled him a little but didn't really scare him as he soon remembered that he was inside a game and that these things probably were quite possible. The screen was just a plain blue slice of the air with white text on it, looking much like something from a meny in the older pokémon games. It told him that he was on Route 1, he assumed it meant, and it also told him to read his letter.

How strange; he hadn't noticed before that he was holding stuff in his hands. Maybe they had just appeared right now? It was a game, after all. In his right hand was a pokéball. The metal of it felt nice in his hand. In his left hand was that letter, so putting the pokéball into one of his big pockets for the time being, he unfolded it and read it.

"Welcome to the pokémon world, Viking!" he read out loud. It felt a bit strange to hear a male voice come out from his mouth, but for some reason he would probably have been more freaked out if a female voice had come out instead. Because he had a you-know-what, after all. He kept reading and when he was finished, he smiled. "Nice. Viking." That was his name; it felt really good to say it.

Putting down the backpack onto the ground, he appreciated the nice looks of it with the feathers and all that matched his vest, before putting down the envelope into the bag and rummaging through it to see what he had actually been served. Five additional pokéballs and some potions, it seemed. But no food or sleeping bag or anything like that. Not that he was hungry or sleepy right now so it didn't matter much. There was a rope, a rain coat and a flashlight though, and of course the obligatory pokédex. His was white. "Generous," he muttered while fastening the empty pokéballs at his belt and putting the pokédex down into his left trouser pocket.

Then he stood up, putting on the backpack and picking up the first pokéball from the right pocket. It wasn't heavy but it was noticeably heavier than the other ones. Without pondering stuff anymore, he pressed the only button on it and watched the bright white light sprout out from it. It materialized in the grass in front of him and took the shape of a...

"Staryu?" Viking said and lowered his eyebrows. Not what he had expected. It didn't really suit him. It didn't even have a face!

The star pokémon just stood there on the ground in front of him, almost motionless. Something looked a bit odd about it, Viking now noticed. He pulled up the pokédex and directed it towards the water pokémon. It showed him some data on the estimated strength and fatigue level of the pokémon as well as what attacks it currently knew. And there was a little symbol in the corner that Viking recognized from a faint memory of Rosa's.

"You are a shiny pokémon!" he said and suddenly felt a bit happier, even smiling a little. The Staryu waved its... arms? "But you're still not really a funny character. Hm. Can you fight, then?"

The Staryu nodded... at least Viking thought it did when it bowed its upper arm downwards a few times in rapid succession. It then proceeded to show its trainer a beam of water that was sprayed from its upper arm onto a rock some meters away. A Water Gun, probably.

Viking nodded. "At least you have good aim. Now... where should we go and what can we do here?"

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