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Advanced text all the sudden stopped working

ill either get blank texts in the introduction of the game
or straight up giberish and if i try to save i get

The Text you entered is longer than the old on.
When you Continue, the Text needs to be Re-pointed to another location.

Due the fact fo that, the INI file will be changed and you cant edit the text of a clean ROM with that INI file again, until you restore it back to the original one.

Do you want to Re-Point?

Whether i repoint or not, itll say saved, but wont change a thing, whether its blank or giberish it plays the regular text. And if redownloaded Advance Text, changed ini files(redownloaded), redownloaded FireRed, even used a Previous version of my game that worked before hand. and nothing .-.

And now some maps wont switch another map, and it goes to black screen and freezes, which it did not do this before, its happening to 2 out 4 maps that have been opened and inserted to replace a previous map. and one copied from the game and edited. .-.
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I wanted to keep a connection to Nightmare, so i thought of Night Terrors, and kept Terror!

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