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OKAAAY i have defeated the E4 with my ground team in Emerald. Here is a Recap of the game:

- I started out with Mudkip (1st team member)
- caught a Nincada as a hm slave
- i beat the first three gym leaders only with mudkip/Marshtomp, skipping a lot of trainers from slateport and onwards.
- in the fiery path i caught a Numel.
- after lavaridge i went to the desert to catch baltoy and Trapinch (team completed)
- beat the rest of the game with this team.

Team After E4

lvl. 55
- Earthquake
- Surf
- Hyper Beam
- Brick Break

lvl. 55
- Crunch
- DragonBreath
- Fly
- Earthquake

lvl. 54
- Shadow Ball
- Psychic
- SolarBeam
- Ice Beam

lvl. 52
- Flamethrower
- Earthquake
- Rock Slide
- Sunny Day

I liked what a powerful combo a firetype pokemon with sunny day and another pokemon with Solarbeam can be, i was underlevelled most of the game actually but in the later parts of the game this combo ended up being quite Effective especially Juan took some serious damage from Claydol's solarbeams, it was only before the E4 i had to grind my team a little before being able to handle them.
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