Thread: [Gen V] OU. My first Rain Team.
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Quote originally posted by SchwarzRozen:
I know this may be an obvious thing, but make sure Politoad is leading.

It may also be good to get a back-up rain dancer just incase the rain fades away.

I'm no master at the new 5th gen competitive play (well I guess its not so new nowadays xo ), but those are my tips from the judgement I see here.
Yea, the Rain backup sounds good. However, leading with Politoed isn't always the plan here. I try to shutdown walls/stalls with Starmie first or get a chunk out of something with Cobalion.

Quote originally posted by PlatinumDude:
Scald has more utility than Hydro Pump on Politoed, as the burn chance is useful. Hydro Pump's low PP is a detriment on defensive 'mons.

If you don't mind my asking, why Counter on Gastrodon?
Although lovely 30% burn rate for Scald sounds awesome, it just overlaps with Toxic and Hypnosis (which I removed and replaced with Protect). I might go with Scald again though since I realized I've been having problems with things like Gastrodon and Swampert. Gastrodon having Counter is a gimmicky strategy; it surprises a lot of opponents with it. I recently made Gastrodon a Specially Defensive 'mon and replaced it with Mirror Coat. It helps with stuff like Gengar and Alakazam.