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Kion Gavin - Classroom 13

Marilyn's response partially made Gavin want to laugh, as he found her phrasing to be humorous. He didn't smile, though; he couldn't. He was far too disturbed by the fact that his demise was coming ever closer. Granted, he knew that he wasn't actually going to die, but he considered such a fate to be worse than death. He also wondered whether a date with Marilyn would even be enjoyable. It seemed like it would be more like a dog owner going for a walk with their canine, and one of obligation rather than pleasure. This is what bothered him; even if she were to say yes, there would be little chance that her teeth would meet his veins.

Before he could delve into the matter more, Higoroshi broke in. He started to speak of how he gained his injury and mentioned an anti-human organization by the called "Fairytale". This caught Gavin's attention. He couldn't say that he was completely opposed to their cause, as youkai had largely been treated unfairly by humans. It made sense to him. Even still, he wasn't in the position to support them, seeing that his family was human.

However, the organization did pique his interest, and sparked something in himself. Not that much earlier, he felt something spark in him. It burned him to cinders, the way the youkai segregated themselves from humans and even taught themselves how to become them. It disgusted him to no end. What was more, the other youkai hardly seemed to reject this idea despite the fact that many of them were prideful and/or didn't like humans. In other words, if someone was going to do something about this, it had to be Gavin.

Something else really struck Gavin, and it struck him hard. The teacher spoke of a mage named Oz, a member of Fairytale. He noted that the mage retreated to the graveyard, and he urged all of the students to go after this mage. This made Gavin furious. He clenched his teeth as hard as possible, and his blood boiled almost as hot as the inferno erupting from the Gavin's hexagram, the latter of which was only barely suppressed by the seal glove. He slammed his hands on his desk with a great force and stood up, directing his rage at Higoroshi. "ARE YOU SERIOUS?" He yelled. It wasn't his first choice, and he had other words in store for the young man, but he wanted to try his best not to offend his classmates. "You're sending the students of your school to fight an incredibly powerful mage of an organization that threatens ? What the heck is wrong with you!" The veins in Gavin's head were pulsing. "Take care off the issue yourself, instead of involving your students in a bloodbath! We shouldn't have to die due to your inept nature! We're just students, it's the faculty's job to secure our safety!" He could have sworn that his teeth were cracking with the amount of force he was putting on them. "TAKE CARE OF YOUR STUDENTS, DAMMIT!"

With that, Gavin stormed out of the classroom and headed off somewhere to think to himself.
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