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Elise sat down next to me, somewhat pale but smiling. She looked at me and scolded me, "Get your feet of the table!" She said, rather playfully.

"Good mood?" She nodded, I had no idea why. But very soon after Higoroshi started a speech. Frio didn't care much, now even the exploding lounge, though he dd hear enough to know that he would be fighting someone and obviously someone strong. Clearly he wasn't the only one thinking this, and one of the students yelled at the teacher and stormed out. Higoroshi tried to explain his plan, but the words were lost, and I wondered why he snapped like that, fear maybe.

My thoughts were interrupted by another, how did Elise react? I looked over at her, and she seemed flustered. "Hey, uh what's the matter?" I already knew what was bothering her. My efforts all day to hide the school's purpose was shattered in less than an hour.

"He said Youkai?" She said slowly. I nodded, "As in monsters?" again I nodded as she verbally pieced everything together. "And they are killing teachers and students?" This is we're I had to decide to keep her in darkness or tell the truth.

"No..." I put my feet on the ground and sat up, now was a time for seriousness. "Look, I need you to be very calm for a while ok?" She nodded, but I could see that it was not likely. "We" I motioned the whole class, "as in teachers and students are Youkai."

Her reaction was one of fear, the ones I had seen in movies. I wondered if she was scared of me, "S-so you're a monster?" I nodded, "And Higoroshi?" I nodded again. She stood up and started backing toward the back wall. "This isn't a joke right?"

"No, I tried to hide it from you... But I promise, Youkai are not evil." I looked at her, but made no motion toward her, "You promised to stay calm..." She was making a scene now, looking fearful and flustered. "Just go to your room and sleep, tomorrow come to class extra early and I'll explain more..." She nodded, still trusting me a little bit.

"O-ok" I bet she figured I was her best protection, or maybe she was lying and wouldn't meet me tomorrow. Either way she tried to walk out normally, though she trembled and shivered in a way that surely gave away her fear.

My chest hurt again, maybe some sort of cramp. In spite of that, I looked at Higoroshi who looked out the window. He couldn't be much older than us, I wondered if he was scared too. He asked everyone to leave, but I wanted to talk to him first.

I walked up, apathetic to the graveyard, Oz, and the attack, those didn't really bother me today, instead I had to think about the today. "Higoroshi," I said standing next to him at the window, seeing what he was looking at. "The loud kid, has a point. Even if this Oz guy holds back, he would surely try harder as he gets defeated... Though I don't think that matters today. I know you have student records, and I'm sure they have our Youkai forms. So I know you know there is a human in this class." I took a deep sigh, finishing my point.

I turned to look at him, "And to be honest if the human is hurt tomorrow, I will probably kill you and Oz as compensation." I said it calmly and seriously. It wasn't a threat as far as I was concerned, but if Elise washer to get hurt, I'd blame it on the teacher. "I'll work with you as much as you need me to, consider me your most trusted student, but I have a reason and if the reason is taken from me, I won't be so trusted." I looked back out the window.

Could he be staring at the sun sinking, or the clouds, or the students making their way to class?
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