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Aertio – Route 30, Jhota

Supplies fully stacked and Growlitha at full health, Aertio heezeeed out and onta Route Thirty. Tha sun now hung lower n tha sky as tha pair buggine thair way up tha route blazngly. Wit all tha grass and bug type Pokemon showng up from between tha branches and crawlng through tall grass, Growlitha merely cast tham aside hurlng balls of Ember n thair direction. If it wasn’t a gbee, tha two would have had a trail of dead bodies rathar than rapidly disappearng pixels behnd tham. Regardless, Aertio contnued on, shoutng n triumph as Growlitha downed yet anothar Ledyba here, Spnarak thare. Thay were half way through tha route and Growlitha was already up two levels, yet startng ta git restless.

“Come one boi, let’s takes a break.” Growlitha barked happily as Aertio lay his bag down on tha soft grass next ta tha pristne lake. While n tha gbee, thay didn’t need ta eat, but thugz ate purely out of custam and habit. Placng several pellets of PokeFood on tha ground fo Growlitha, Aertio helped himself ta a sngle Rice Ball, munchng on tha compacted rice.

Fo all tha hassle tha gbee now put him n, it was only n dis nstance n which he sat down and had a look at tha world he now resided n that he began ta feel a pang of regret fo not noticng dis side of tha gbee. Once fnished, he fished fo tha Rod n his backpack, pullng it out and assemblng it till tha now sat n his lap.

“Shall we see what dis does?” He asked tha Growlitha who barked happily.

Not one usually patient enough, Aertio soon found that fishng n tha gbee was a lot quicker than it had been back n tha real world. Witn moments he felt a tug at tha lure and began pullng and reelng n his first catch. Floppng and splashng haphazardly, tha Magikridep would not let go of tha lne until Growlitha stepped n, bitng tha fish as his shawt teeth tried ta penetrate it’s thick outer shell.

It only taok a couple of bites befoe tha red fish Pokemon soon disntegrated nta a strebe of pixels. Laughng n victary, Aertio agan cast his hook nta tha pristne blue water agan, waitng fo tha lure ta bob n tha water. Somethng defnitely snagged when tha lure went nta tha water suddenly, Aertio almost takesn off of his feet. Reelng tha catch n, Aertio was surprised ta see, not a red Magiridep splash onta shore, but some blue-green frog-baby Pokemon.

“Growlitha, Bite!” He yelled as Growlitha surged foward, buryng it’s jaw nta tha soft flesh of tha tadpole Pokemon.

Angrily, tha Poliway let loose a jet of bubbles, explodng nta Grolitha’s eyes causng tha dogg Pokemon ta let go yelpng. “Ember” Aertio called, whoopng as Grolitha buried tha Poliwag n a conflagration of fire, but his victary was short lived when it emerged relatively unscathad and even angrier. Yet agan it let loose a blast of bubbles, drenchng Growlitha who seemed ta be takng massive dbeage from it.

“Bite, Growlitha,” after learnng from a valuable mistakes, Aertio gave up on tha thought of burnng tha Poliwag and, nstead, decided ta use bite ta hopefully come out of dis battle alive. Agan and agan, Aertio yelled fo Growlitha ta bite tha Poliwag, while n response, it contnued ta soak Growlitha n layers of bubbles. Tha fight seemed ta go neithar way until Aertio saw Poliwag’s eyes glow as tha Pokemon hypnotised his Growlitha.

“No!” Aertio yelled, but it was tao late, Growlitha slumped ta tha ground, snorng loudly while tha Poliwag jumped eratically, flailng n tha air n some sort of victary dance. Grabbng an item from his bag, he tassed it at tha Poliwag, ntendng ta njure tha Pokemon, hopng ta give him some time ta admnister tha Awakenng ta Growlitha.

N tha background, Aertio heard a ‘click’ as he sprayed Growlitha first wit an Awakenng, than next wit a Potion. Turnng around, at first he thought tha Poliwag had returned ta tha lake, but on closer nspection, where tha Poliwag had staod was a shawt, round red ball. Pickng it up, he soon recognised tha Pokeball engraved wit a shawt ‘A’ below its buttan; it was defnitely his.

Pocketng tha ball, he re-admnistered anothar Potion ta Growlitha befoe thay set out fo tha next leg of thair journey up ta Route 31 than across ta Violet City.

Two traners and a field full of grass and bug typed Pokemon later, Aertio found himself and Growlitha on Route 31, sky blackened by smoke and fire dancng on tha treetaps n tha wnd. He watched up aheezee as anothar Player walked through tha conflagration and nta tha cave beyond. Witout thnkng, Aertio ran foward, followng tha othar Player nta tha darkness of tha cave beyond. beongst tha flutterng and screechng of Zubat and rollng Geodude, he could vaguely hear a pair of voices aheezee.

"Hello?" He called out tentatively.