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Originally Posted by Miss Doronjo View Post
Or dear lord what if Lux meets Viking ;__;
Make it happen!!

Originally Posted by Skymin View Post
Aaah! Viking! I remember him from VR!! Hahaha, he brings back memories of him basically pulling Azure around because she thought he was an NPC. Kind of like Birdie and Fara now, but Azure was way more of an ass. d:
Haha, Fara isn't very innocent either...
hang on. Did you just type ass without getting it censored? Mod powers?

Originally Posted by 雷影 イチロ View Post
I am working on a post, I swear I am!~~!
Nice one! The trainer you're following into Dark Cave, is that Fel? Because I think Lux (and Krissu lol but she's a NPC now) are there too.

Of course any trainer can reach route 45/46 now. Fel just happened to be the first one to really find it. In case he chooses to go out into the light xD Maybe he had another adventure planned in the darkness. In that case, any other RPer is allowed to make their player reach route 45/46 first ^^ It's not like there's an achievement or anything...

Hmm, achievements would maybe be a fun thing to have?

Btw, the next available profession is Angler and it'll be learned on the route south of Violet City. On the bridge with all the fisherman, if you remember Johto from the games :> Without the Angler skill, you won't be able to capture many cool water types. Maybe Anglers can capture advanced water types and trade them to others?
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