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As always, ol' neutral apathetic Patrick doesn't really care what they do at this point. I'm sure it'll be more of the same. *snore* -o-

If you want a wishlist, though?
  • Pokemon Snap 2. Must make an effort to go all out, see my posts in the Snap sequel thread.
  • It'll never happen, and especially not this way, but a Pokemon centric MMORPG where you play as the Pokemon. Can you imagine an open world where you can basically do whatever you want, seeing as Pokemon have such limitless potential? I imagine soaring high in the sky as Charizard or Altaria is probably exhilarating or soothing, and digging to find hidden goodies or an underground "city" or beautiful cavern with Sandshrew or Diglett would be fun. Because Pokemon would be linked to accounts, though, they should allow each account to play as at least 3 Pokemon to keep the experience exciting. They could potentially turn this into more than a PMD action type game if they go that route, and they could make this artistically BEAUTIFUL and ripe for exploration on one's own terms. Speaking of art...
  • I still want a game inspired by or given the blessing from the family of Osamu Tezuka, and this includes both art and story. This game can either be Pokemon POV or Human POV, so long as the story reaches the levels of some of the best of Tezuka's works. Everything must have a related art shift towards the style, too. I don't want any Sugimori Pokemon in this.
  • If you want, same as above but with Hayao Miyazaki. Or Disney at its best.
  • Something different that taps into the Pokemon's character potential. I don't care that some of them can spit fire or water, that should be secondary.
  • Try out different genres where applicable. If they allowed themselves to break the conventions like doujin do, they could make a pretty cool Pokemon fighting game. Or a danmaku. Or a arcade like time waster for mobile devices. Or an innovate platformer. Or a virtual pet like thing with less emphasis on "pet" as you'd define it. Or a Pokemon Pop'n Music wait no, I'm doin' that one. :P
The way I see it, is they have something like over 600 of these creatures, right? Then use them. I feel like the games as they are are akin to somebody making a cartoon where they do nothing but introduce a new character an episode, but never give you any time to relate to them. Pokemon Mystery Dungeon right now is the best thing for it, but I'd like to see more of it. I thought the series was called Pokemon, not Monster Trainer.

Also, all of the above games need Nidos somewhere (it is my wishlist, is it not?), preferably with one where a Nidoran (F) is a tertiary character at the worst. Except the art shifted games, I'll buy those just on principle alone.

I do not expect any of the above to happen outside of fan games. And even then, some of those already exist.

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