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(Part 1 of a character development!)


On the route, she continued to walk, rushing, turning her back on where she was supposed to be. She had thought she had heard Krissu for a moment. Then Ange dismissed the idea. Why would Krissu come after her? She didn’t want her there... and Ange was ashamed to be around her. She would prove to Krissu that she could help her too. No matter what it took from her.

“Are you sure that’s good for her?”

“Eh?” Ange turned her head reflexively, trying to locate the noise via her ears. Sia gurgled at this and spoke again.

“Are you sure it was good for her that you left?” Sia wasn’t exactly sure if his thinking was sound enough for her to understand or not. He was a Pokemon after all and he had heard Krissu’s thoughts and feelings for a moment there. It had hurt her, had torn her very deeply in a still scabbing wound. “She wanted to keep you safe.”

Ange thought about this, lifting her nose toward the air. The air was dry for some reason, hot, acrid. She thought about it further. “She wanted to keep me safe? Shouldn’t I learn how to keep myself safe? I have you too... and... I had Kii...” She hadn’t wanted to leave Kii behind. However, he had seemed happy there. He had seemed to be enjoying himself. So... it wasn’t fair for her to take him away from a place where he could be happy.

Sia gurgled, floating around her head and looking around. Unlike her, Solosis had no nose. However, the air seemed a little harder to float in than usual. She would like to know why at the very least. “She was strong, though. She wanted to keep you safe so you could eventually be strong.”

“...” Ange really was confused. This sort of thing was out of her league on understanding. She really wanted to know why though. It didn’t feel like Krissu was protecting her because she was Ange and she wanted to help. She didn’t understand at all. “Ah... I...” Now she was horribly confused. Was leaving the right thing after all? Had she just pointlessly hurt a new friend?
"Perhaps I misjudged you after all."