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Originally Posted by MiTjA View Post
Whoa, I never implied that I think Xerneas would be Ghost (notice how I ended the post with "I doubt its either"?). I was just saying the supposed reasoning would have been more of an argument for Ghost than Dark, as Dark is as much about darkness as Ghost, whereas death and mystery scream Ghost (Dark is actually called Evil in japan because its about sneaky unfair dishonest tactics).

I'll stand behind Grass and Dark/Flying till the types are revealed.

why does someone always bring up "balanced type match-up" for the legendary duo?
Its not like that matters the slightest bit. Kyogre > Groudon the end.
You got a point, however as I mentioned earlier in either this thread or in General chat Groudon and Kyogre made sense as water is more vast than land thus they aren't equal unlike say Zekrom and Reshiram.

Also I fear that if they did make one stronger type wise it may come off as one chromosome is better than the other...very bad implication there.
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