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You first battle kyurem but you wont be able to catch it. Before the elite 4 you can catch first cobalion, then virizion, and finally terakion. After you beat the elite 4 you battle n in his castle and you are supposed to battle his reshiram. After you defeat n you go to Iccurus city and go to the top of the tower with the light stone and he will (Reshiram) appear. Also you can catch uxie, azelf, and mespirit. First you go to a cave then the 3 legendaries will split up. You can catch mespirit high atop of the tower in mistrilton city. You catch uxie infront of the fossil mueseum in nacrene city. You also can catch azelf neer a rock in victory road. You can catch kyurem outside of the water gym. You can catch Latios if your playing black 2. You catch Latias if your playing White 2. To catch these 2 legendaries you have to chase the in the dreamyard then you can meet them at a side of a ledge. I hope this helped.