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Hey, this looks interesting...

Might have a go at signing up, not sure about the number of spaces... Leafeon is the only one not reserved, right? Not entirely used to it, or grass types at all, for that matter, but I guess I could roll with it. Unless there can be more than one person choosing each starter? If not, it might be nice to have something telling us which ones are taken without having to scan all the posts :p

Anyway, how lenient is the thing with medieval-ish appearance? I'm not really sure what the criteria is, as you can see from my sig, that's the kind of thing I'd be going with... not sure if that's alright.
Any-who, I've kind of got stuff ready-ish, it's just I've signed up to a couple of RPs, but they seem to be a little inactive, dying, or dead, so no RP sample, really... This one's just about to start, soo... yeah, figured if I am accepted then something'd happen.
In conclusion; looks good, just give me the green light or something
Turnips shall rise.

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