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Originally Posted by Jbsundown View Post
OW Spriting, scripting, beta testing, story writing and spell checking.

Proof of Work:
The only proof of anything that I have is my OW sprites so that is all I can show.

This is my 'Female Protagonist' OW Sprite. It's essentially just a colour change with some more things added. This was just a little test to see how the program worked.


This is my 'Male Protagonist' OW sprite. This took me about 1 hour to 2 hours. It is completely original and I decided it would be cool to make his hat move when he walks so I did! I have yet to edit the bike sprite but I will work on that at some point.


This is my 'Fat Guy' OW sprite. It is a rework of the Fire Red fat guy which contains quite a lot of changes. This took about 30 minutes.

Whenever pretty much; unless I'm ill, or in an area without internet, then I'm available! :D

Are you D.C.I.D.T?: Very much so! :D
OW Spriting is exactly what we need right now to take the load off of Pinkish Purple. You're accepted! I'll be PM'ing you shortly on your first assignment.