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Hnnggg Rick got a dose of his own crazy from Morgan. ;;

By the way, it kind of sucks that Talking Dead covers and elaborates on most of what I considered notable about the episode. ;(

Totally hope Morgan goes to the prison. Or they at least encounter him again. He's such a good character, especially the way he's been developed in the show and how that differs from the comic. I really think Morgan could be a great asset to the team in Tyreese's absence. I mean, what could prove more helpful than an unhinged guy with serious amounts of firearms and ammunition in the battle against Woodbury? If nothing, Morgan is definitely a great foreshadowing device for Rick if the Ricktatorship continues.

Oh, and I don't know if anyone wants to know this, but The Walking Dead issue 107 was released last Wednesday if anyone wanted to pick that up.

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