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Oh my lordy, who cares? There's been precedent for White House involvement in the Oscars, so this isn't even a new thing. (I believe the Reagans did something similar in the 80s, which makes sense given that they both were actors before he became the President and she the First Lady.) Storm in a teacup/mountain out of a molehill, if you ask me.

I just want to talk about how bland the actual awards were. I didn't end up watching them as I couldn't get a good stream in Morocco, but the liveblogs that I ended up reading filled me in on most of the deets. Still, there was a tie! That's only happened, like, 4 times previously, so that was cool. And DDL's speech was cool (but he always gives great speeches). But, that's about it, in all honesty. Bring on the 2014 ones in just under 12 months time!