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Given the amount of posts lately that are disregarding my warning against talking about Metapod and complaining that the hack isn't finished, it's in the interest of the thread that I just close it now.

For those of you who won't read the first post, HERE is a link to the latest release of the hack:

If you don't know what to do with that file, then read this thread:

If you're having problems in the hack, read the first post of this thread that you're in right now. It has plenty of information about potentially difficult areas in the hack. What's more, plenty of people have asked and answered questions in the last few pages of this thread, so if you encounter a problem, then your answer should be somewhere here.

And with that, I'm closing this thread. Metapod, if you return and would like it to be reopened, simply contact DrFuji or myself and we'll happily oblige. Until then, it will remain closed.


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