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The specific laws differ among different states, so it's impossible to make any statement with any kind of certainty. Unfortunately, often it is not required for either landlord or tenant to renew a lease, though there may be a requirement to inform the tenant beforehand if that is the case. You also need to think carefully whether this is worth fighting for, if you recklessly attempt to file any kind of suit -- discrimination or otherwise -- you may end up with a whole load of legal fees.
Generally if you make said claim you need to prove that you are being discriminated against, and this may be difficult in jurisdictions where the renew of a lease can be denied without giving any kind of reason. In this case discrimination especially may be far fetched as those laws are usually meant to protect those with disabilities, children, a different ethnicity/orientation/religion, etc. But, whatever you do, if you can't reach an agreement with your landlord and you do think that your house/apartment is worth fighting for, then you should definitely seek actual legal advice from a lawyer.

Also don't trust legal advice that does not come from a lawyer. With that said, I am not a lawyer so take anything I said with a grain of salt.