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Ever since the first generation we've had gates leading between two routes, as well as the Pokemon League, in some cases. In the original days they had no real purpose, other than giving some advice, blocking a certain route or allowing you to see through binoculars to see far away locations or Pokemon (which was awesome to imagine the actual places when younger!) In Generation 2 we even got to use the PC at two special gates, while in Generation 3 there weren't many :( However! In Generation 4 we got to see a map and finally in Generation 5 we got an awesome electrical billboard with swarms, city information and EVEN MORE! So with this in mind what do you think is in-store for this generation in terms of gates (now that they're classified as a ~separate area~)?? What would you like to see? A PC in every gate? What else? More human interaction? Or would you rather gates look like ACTUAL gates? Share yo thoughts!

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