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Originally Posted by Archeops12354 View Post
Ooooooh a fireworks pokemon! Such a cool idea! :D
Maybe a good name for it would be Blazzaka ('Blaze' and 'Fire Cracker')
You know what time it is ... Statistics time!

Ability: Fuse (After being hit by a fire move, 3 turns later the pokemon will attack the enemy team and faint all the opposing team, the user will faint as well)

Hp: 110
Atk: 70
Def: 100
SpAtk: 70
SpDef: 105
Spd: 55

Base stat total: 500 "faint all the opposing team" do you mean faint all of the Pokemon on that team? @_@ That is ridiculously overpowered that it seems unlikely in general that something like this would be used.

Though a fireworks Pokemon would be cool(though a bit awkward, but that point is made null because you have a Pokemon that can go into kitchen appliances), something that's not as strong would do. Fireworks are pretty potent, so I guess a high attack stat and a pretty low defensive stat would work. Speed is kind of a complicated issue, but considering that it only takes a few seconds for fireworks to set off, I'd say Speed would be kind of high as well(maybe 100). A frail sweeper, if anything.

For me, I'd like an Amoeba-ish Pokemon(that's not Ditto). If the heavy speculation that these games are surrounded on genetics are correct, it would seem likely that something like this would be included, though confusing as to what type it would be. I would assume "Psychic/Poison", but that's just kind of whipping stuff out of nowhere, haha. I mean, I was thinking more like a disease or a germ Pokemon of some sort(which I imagine would just be pure poison), but eh.
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