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Originally Posted by Twilight Sky View Post would actually be pretty interesting if it was given an evolution, though I imagine it wouldn't make too much of a difference as to where it is now. It's kind of a shame because Sudo is kind of a cool Pokemon, but the problem lies that it's actually too slow to do anything. u_u Same problem with Slugma/Magcargo, except 4x ground as well as 4x water weak. I don't see that going away with it's evolution, and unless Magcargo's evo beefs up on the offenses, I don't see it being any more threatening, either. D:
My idea for the Sudowoodo one is well to me he always seemed like a want to be rock/grass type. So I was thinking make him look a little more like a tree in a way with huge stones/boulders for feet. Just little things like that.

What about a Relicanth evolution???

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