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Originally Posted by SchwarzRozen View Post
I have a question related to the Gamestop event that comes out today.
1. Is this available for all 5th gen games?
2. As it comes in at lv 50, do you have to reach a certain amount of progress to get it? (I'm currently at the seventh gym on my Black 2 version)
3. Will this event have a specific nature or could it be nature-farmed?
4.Whats the best nature for Meloeeta to have, Offensive.
1. Yes
2. No. It can be received at any point in the game.
3. Natures are soft-resettable; in other words, the nature isn't fixed.
4. Timid or Modest if you intend to use its Aria Forme exclusively, or Naive if you intend to use a Relic Song mixed set.