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Cheryll Renee Moreau

Cheryll looked nervous and scared as she looked at her teacher who looked to be really hurt. She wondered if something bad had happened and started to shake slightly. Why did her parents have to send her here. It seemed like whatever was happening was dangerous. As she listened to Higoroshi-Sensei talk about Fairytale and what was happening at the school the young girls face paled. When the mention came that tomorrow they were to fight this youkai that had blown up the teachers lounge Cheryll froze face paling even more. I....I can't do that...I can't...there is no way...m-my y-youkai powers aren't strong at all... the girl thought starting to panic.

Cheryll wasn't even paying attention to the rest of what was going on. She just stayed in her seat shaking slightly eyes wide with a faraway look in them. She was scared and unsure of her own abilities, and because of that she was starting to panic and couldn't calm herself. In fact as the next few minutes passed she started to fall into a full blown panic attack, staying quiet as she tried and failed to calm herself enough to breathe.

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