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@ Red Wing
Very nice joint post! I like the interactions between the trainers. Just make sure not to godmod in battles. You did describe Phoenix as Katt's quickest and most creative pokémon, but it's still really young and shouldn't have become an ultimate fighter yet, right? So some of those combo moves and quick reactions sounded a bit advanced ;) Just something to think about. Very enjoyable to read though!

- Phoenix grew to lvl 18 and is able to learn Peck! Forget an old move for Peck or give up on learning Peck? Reply in the OOC thread.
- Shade grew to lvl 12 and learned Astonish!

@ Sir Bastian

Like I said to Red Wing, very nice joint post! I like that you don't make your pokémon invincible ;) Stomps will be a real fighter for sure once he levels up!

- Stomps grew to lvl 14 and learned Poison Sting!
- Buzz grew to lvl 13 and learned Quick Attack!
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