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Scarlet Johnson
Outskirts of Children City


I looked back at Serena before anything, she gave a nod to me and I turned back to the boy. He had rejected my tissue! waaaaa! Now I feel like crying... nah I'm just kidding The boy said he was fine but to me to looks like he isn't. He then dried his eyes and introduced himself as Nathan. Nath for short, then asked for my name. Uhh... what's my name again? Oh right, it's the giant name on top of the screen. Okay. "Uh, I'm Scarlet. Scarlet Johnson. It's nice to meet you!" I gave a comforting smile, then looked back at the tree. "Over there is my poke spirit, Serena." Serena came out of hiding and wen't next to me.

"So uhh, are you a spirit wielder?" I asked casually. Oh gosh I sure hope he is, else it would be so weird cause I showed my spirit wielder and if he doesn't have one it would be so hard! Gosh, I should really breath between my words. That's in my head. Whatever.

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