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Originally Posted by KagamiChan View Post
Well, I'll add up an alternative for it that can be obtained in Emerald and represents the Era (the way I see it anyways xD)
Oh sweet, I was going to write up a message about that in a moment.
(Was making a team rocket themed pokemon team all day. It's... hard.)

Everyone has different interpretations of pokemon so I don't mind. Rules are rules.
For one I don't see Clefairy ever being cute...

★shiny Litleo - found on Route 22 ( can trade and rename )
★shiny Gulpin - found on Route 5 (horde) (can trade and rename )
★shiny Wingull - found on Route 8 (horde) (named Peeko-chan in katakana)
★shiny Furfrou - hunting ~2100+/??? eggs so far (masuda method)
I have not beaten even 2nd gym yet, so no Shiny Charm...
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