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Originally Posted by Xilfer123 View Post
I don't like all this guessing. Guessing is boring. I'm sure our maniacal friend Greiger has everything planned with our best interest in mind. [/sarcasm]

Anyway, I've been thinking of following Kawaii's example and making a second character. Back in the first Odyssey, I had a character working for the bad side named Hydra, a rather evil Hydreigon with a mechanical head. Funny enough, Hydra was the only member of the Order of Neoverse who hadn't switched sides by the end of the RP. LOL! I was thinking of making a character who is a descendant of Hydra. I'll talk the details over with SV when he gets back, but I think he'll be really fun to play.
That sounds awesome! :D I'm excited to meet Hydra Jr. I hope SV approves!

Just be warned....Levina has an "electric" personality and may "shock" those around her. XD

(all puns intended!! LOL)
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