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Noctis ♂ lv. 64 @ TwistedSpoon
Keen Eye | Relaxed
[ Psychic, Hypnosis, Reflect, Fly ]

Faline ♀ lv. 60 @ Silk Scarf
Run Away | Sassy
[ Iron Tail, Shadow Ball, Quick Attack, Strength ]

Diaega ♀ lv. 62 @ Charcoal
Serene Grace | Lax
[ Toxic, Fire Blast, Glare, Return ]

Bella ♀ lv. 65 @ Quick Claw
Intimidate | forgot to look lol
[ Strength, Earthquake, Brick Break, Crunch ]

Virtual lv. 64
Trace | Hasty
[ Thunderbolt, Solarbeam, Tri Attack, Blizzard ]

GrandePapi ♂ lv. 60
Guts | idk
[ Thrash, Faint Attack, Focus Punch, Attract ]

We grinded more for post game stuff, only to find that Blitzen wasn't really up to par anymore. Once we snagged Ursaring, we purified him and replaced Blitzen. He was named GrandePapi and it didn't take too long for him to catch up to the rest of the team. Deep Colosseum took a while, but we got through it a lot easier than I remembered it being. After that, we got LOTS of emails about an impostor dressed as our hero and attacking people with a Shadow Togetic. We had a final showdown with Shady Guy Seth (or Feign really) at the place our journey started, the Outskirt Stand. And with the last Snag Ball thrown and successful, it's time to retire our gear. We saved the Pokemon, and did it with Normal types. Challenge complete!

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