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After leveling Tron up to level 20 I decided to try her gym again. I stock up on Potions and Super Potions (5 of each) and cave in and buy an 1 X Defense and 1 X Attack.

Starting off the battle I use both of the X items. After 3 Tail Whips and 4 Quick Attacks each both of her Geodude fall. Oddly enough neither of them used Defense Curl, go figure. Her Nosepass was a pain in the rear end. Just about every time I'd Tail Whip, it'd use Harden, seriously. After it getting healed by a Potion and an Oran Berry I managed to beat it. So yeah, my first badge has finally been obtained. 1/8.

I hate that gym and I'm not coming back til Tron knows at least Brick Break or something.

After all that excitement I go get Peeko and the Devon Goods back. Recieved the Letter and said Goods to go deliver, as well as the PokeNav and the Match Call. On my way out of town I took on Brendan. He falls rather easily. On a side note he has Torchic this go around, so type advantage for me.

In Dewford I take on Brawly's gym first. Nothing interesting happens and I get my second badge. 2/8. After I get Flash from the random hiker I teach it to Jasper and stumble my way through Dark Cave. Once the letter is delivered I stumble my way back out. On to Slateport.

In Slateport I take on everyone at the beach and nab the free Soda Pop (it might as well been free, it was so easy). Tron is now up to a level 25 at this point. After defeating two Team Aqua grunts the Goods are delivered. Also registered the resident stalker, Scott, into the Pokenav. Hooray I guess.

In a wasted trip back to Rustburo I pick up the Exp. Share and Repeat Ball. Heading north from Slateport I register Prof. Birch before entering the Trick House. The Rare Candy I get gets fed right to Tron after I get it. Up to level 29. After battling and looting to the west, I head east to battle Brendan again. Once beaten I get an item I probably won't use.

Most of the way to Mauville is spent being paralyzed cause I'm stingy and don't want to use any of my berrys. In an odd move I haven't bought anything since Rustburo so I've got no status healing things I want to use. Upon entering Mauville I get the bike and forget that I'm paralyzed. So I go fight Wally. His Ralts falls to a single Thunderbolt. The resident stalker also seemed to have watched the match.

Next time I update maybe I'll have gotten farther.

Tron the Bold Raichu
Level: 32 Ability: Static
Hp: 86 Attack: 63 Defense: 49 Sp. Attack: 66 Sp. Defense: 59 Speed: 84
Thundershock / Tail Whip / Quick Attack / Thunderbolt
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