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Valorie Ryder - Cafeteria
Valorie just sort of stared at Kilik in an equally distrustful manner all like--Why you tryin' to take my Kiyoko away from me, bro? She then listened to what Kiyoko had to say and just sort of silently began to process the info. She didn't appear to have anything further to say about Mark. Rather, she would slowly pet Kiyoko in a fond manner to distract herself for a moment. Finally, she spoke.

"I hear Team Rocket is a pretty big deal in Kanto." she remarked idly. Frankly, she didn't have a clue who they were or what they were about. If they were anything like Team Plasma though, she resented them. "Anyway... Kiyoko's with me now--Where he's /safe/." she stated in a slightly defensive manner, staring at Kilik as she did so. She didn't like how he was trying to take Kiyoko away from her regardless of his intention. Somehow, it had occured to her to say this before acknowledging the elephant in the room.

"We'll fight Team Rocket if we have to." she stated bluntly, in a manner that suggested she didn't particularly look forward to it. She had other things to worry about, like finishing school and looking good!
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