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Platinum Update #1


My Adventure
- Hacked Misdreavus in as Starter, since its the only member of my team i can't obtain in the game
- Beat Rival, left hometown and went to Sandgem
- Learned how to catch Pokemon and got Pokedex
- Arrived in Jubilife City, got Poketch, went to Trainer school
- Headed out towards Oreburgh City, beat many trainers
- Beat the Rival again
- Found Gym Leader in the Mines, caught a Geodude for HM Rock Smash
- First Gym Battle, very exciting, won on my second try :D
- Received First Badge
- Back to Jubilife, beat Team Galactic Grunts, get Old Rod
- Caught Magikarp (yay!), went up north
- Got to Floaroma Town, defeated Team Glactic in the Fields and Windworks
- Made my way through Eterna Forest and got to Eterna
- Got Exp. Share, trained Magikarp until i got Gyarados
- Defeated Gym Leader on first try, got second Badge!!
- Went to Team Galactic Building, beat Mars after 5 tries

Current Team:
Wendy / Misdreavus - Lv. 29 - Psybeam, Shadow Sneak, Confuse Ray, Astonish
Gyarados - Lv. 23 - Splash, Tackle, Bite, Dragon Rage

~ Anything for my Nakama ~