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a bunch of new progress has been made, even though uni started this week :)

firstly: I've reorganised the OP a little. as well as replacing the concept art with OWs, I've also redone the screenshot bit to include newer caps, added names for all the sprited characters, and included a support bar section

which brings me to my next point: I made a support bar! I think it's pretty cute (& I super hope it finds its way into some sigs), but I always welcome concrit. note: the dragonite was a v specific addition, which will make a little more sense once a few new things have been added to the game haha. so please don't crit the dragonite! it's definitely there for a specific game reason. it's basically the mascot of the game! you guys just don't know that yet.

I also sprited up two of the rival characters (I would have also done the third one, but uhhh it ocurred to me today that I don't even have concept art for him? so I'm going to work on that first, I think.). I thought about starting on the other gym leaders, but I think I want to finish up some of the events I'm working on, and do some more mapping first. I don't even have a town for the second gym leader yet! and there's a village in between hers and gilbert's towns, sooo I have my work cut out for me.

I've added a couple new events, or at least the start of them! I'm mostly working in broad strokes atm; I don't want to get bogged down with making one thirty second event perfect when I could be getting the basics of five more important events down, you know? so some of the events don't really flow together yet, and I'm still working out how I want to handle a few things. but it's coming along! I've also set up some dialogue with the first gym leader, sooo I guess it really is time for me to think of a team for him, haha. awesome, the bit at pokemon I'm probably worst at; the competitive stuff.

if anyone's super into coming up with good teams for characters (main characters/gym leaders/regular pokemon trainers), I would really love to hear from you! this is the part where I list all my favourite normal type pokemon and then pick six at random, which is a terrible strategy. I'd love to collab with someone/a few people who have solid ideas about what makes a good battling team!

screenshot time:

(btw: sorry that my update posts are all so tl;dr! but honestly I'm mostly treating this thread like a dev journal, and I like to be thorough. or rambly, your choice!)
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