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3rd Update Duskull Ultimate Solo Challenge Emerald
Used Rocksmash to open the tunnel and got Strength
Beat the Winstrate Family can't wait to beat their son later on Vitory Road
Met Gabby for the First Time
Boojangles Evolves

Caught Chico my Waterfall Surf Strength DiVe Mule
Met Team Magma
Beat Trick House again
Beat Maxie and Recovered the Meteorite
Got the Wynaut Egg, Why? Why not?
Sally my Mule Zigzagoon Evolved beacuse of dual battles during Gym was level 3 when I caught her, lottsa Dual Battles in Emerald :p
Beat Flannery of Lavaridge Gym.

Went to Petalburg to Beat Dad
Taught Boojangles Rock Smash Right before Dad
Beat Dad, Saved

My Team

Boojangles Dusclops Male Lvl. 47 Moves:Night Shade,Faint Attack,Rock Smash,Shadow Punch
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